Your servers are crucial for your company’s computing infrastructure. Servers need constant maintenance and management, or else you risk downtime and security breaches. Wired IT Group offers professional support for your business IT needs. Providing server maintenance, server security and server migration. Keeping your servers running efficiently and safe from threats.


In addition to keeping your systems up to date and protected from the myriad of threats in today’s digital landscape, we also monitor your server resources 24×7.

  • Be Alerted To And Respond To Unexpected Issues In Real Time
  • Custom Schedules For Anti-Virus And Anti-Malware Scans
  • Windows And 3Rd Party Application Updates
  • Remain 100% Complaint Across Your Network


Regardless of what business you are in, protecting your data from hardware failure, accidental or malicious tampering, encryption viruses and other threats is our main priority.

We meet these challenges by protecting your servers with best in class anti-virus and anti-malware software, which updates and scans your system on a set schedule. Additionally, we install the latest security and patch releases from Microsoft and other vendors to ensure that known exploits are unavailable to those who would like to damage or steal your data. Protect your servers by:

  • Best-In-Class Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software
  • 24X7 Monitoring
  • Live Reporting
  • Evaluate Firewall Rules
  • Perform Penetration Analysis
  • Research Best Fitting Security-Based Products


Operating systems age and become vulnerable to bug fixes and obsolete features. Eventually newer versions of software stop supporting older iterations which leads to a limitation to security features. To remain secured at a high level, we recommend your organization to remain within one iteration of the latest operating system release. This ensures application support and patching compliance. Yet moving your data is a difficult task. Our team of sever engineers audit your machine, communicate with software vendors, and identify the best upgrade to fit your business needs. To minimize impact to your business, we schedule downtime out of hours to upgrade your performance and security.

  • AWS Migration
  • Windows Migration
  • MySQL Data
  • SQL Server Migration
  • Plus Many More


Modern advances in server technology allows businesses to operate their network environment more efficiently with server virtualization. Rather than allocating a server per operating system, you can avoid buying additional hardware by utilizing a virtual platform for each system. This allows multiple operating systems to be shared on a single server. We have experience implementing and supporting Dell, HP, Lenovo and other server hardware, Windows Server 2008-2019, and various Linux distributions. Our experience also covers virtualization platforms such as Hyper-V, VMWare, ProxMax and others. Advantages of server virtualization include:

  • Reduced Physical Resource Costs
  • Speed Setup
  • Create Backups
  • Gain Flexibility


If you don’t have a server yet, we are happy to help! We assess your current needs and make a recommendation on a solution that’s best for you – on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid combination of the two.

We Are Here To Help Your Business, So You Can Get Down To Business!