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How Much Does Computer Repair Cost?

How Much Does Computer Repair Cost?

The average cost to get your computer repaired is $65 an hour. Hiring a computer tech to get your computer back the way it was before, you are going to likely spend around $50 – $150. The cost of computer repair can differ greatly by location. Get free quotes from professionals near you.

Thousands of people ask HomeGuide for computer repair estimates each year. They track the estimates they get from local computer repair companies, then they share those cost with the public.

A computer randomly shutting down or having issues can mean a lot of things to your home or business owners, but there are multiple service technicians willing to come to you or take a look at your computer at their location. With an average cost of $65 per hour, they will diagnose the problem, possibly repair it quickly, and get you or your company back to normal. A lot of technicians are going to also bill call-out fees and/or travel fees when you require them to come to you.

Computer Repair Price List

Service Description Cost
Comprehensive Tune-Up & PC Repair A comprehensive PC tune-up including virus, malware, and removal of trojans, computer updates, and computer speed up. $150
Diagnostic Testing A comprehensive PC diagnostic test to offer an in-depth report of the present health of your computer and estimated life-span and when you require any additional services. $40
Laptop Hardware Repair When you require adding a new hard drive, more RAM, keyboards, external mouses, or more, it usually costs $30+ per component. $30
PC Hardware Repair If you require to add a new hard drive, more RAM, media card, power supplies, or more, it usually costs $20+ per component. $20
Software Installation When you are experiencing trouble installing software, a lot of computer repair professionals will help for around $10 for each install. $10
Laptop Rental A lot of computer repair places will provide a laptop rental service while your computer is being repair. Usually, this costs a fee of about $50. $50
Mobile Repair If a computer technician has to come to you, there is typically a travel fee. Expect to pay between $30 to $40 for mobile diagnostic and testing. $35
Data Recovery A lot of the time a computer repair facility is able to recover and save your lost data including documentation and pictures even when your computer won’t turn on. This could get expensive subject on the condition of the machine, but costs start around $100. $100+
Wireless Network Installations A computer repair technician can securely install a wireless network for use on each and every one of your devices. $100+
PC Tune-up If your computer is running slow, a lot of the time you just require a diagnostic testing and a simple tune-up. $70
Virus Removal if your computer is infected with adware, malware, viruses, worms, or a trojan, a computer technician is able to remove them all devoid of the need of losing any of your data (a lot of times). $70
Operating System Formatting When you require a fresh start, we suggest a new installation of your OS to make sure things run smoothly again. A computer repair facility is going to also backup and restore your data following installation. $100

Mobile Computer Repair Costs

A lot of computer repair technicians can come to you, and many of them have a facility you can drop your computer off at for repairs at a lesser cost.

Be wary of any notices flashing on your computer, or phone calls, saying you are required to call a number right away because you have a technical problem – these are typically scams, in spite of their claims to being a large computer service provider. There is most likely nothing wrong with your computer at all.

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